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(Sat 20st Sep 2014 - Purattasi Sanivaaram)



Protect us Lord Narayana who wears the garland of wild flowers, who has the mace,

conch, sword and the wheel and who is called Vishnu and the Vasudeva.

Saturdays of Bhadrapada month (Purattasi Sanivaram) are of special significance for Lord Mahaavishnu and Mahaalakshmi. Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia are pleased to organize Sri Vishnu Sahasranaama Lakshaarchana  & Hanuman Chalisa chanting at the date and venue given below:

Date: Saturday September 20 2014      Time:  9 am to 1 pm

Venue: Harvey Lowe Pavilion, Castle Hill Showground off Carrington

Road, Castle Hill (entry via Doran Drive) NSW 2154

Major Sponsors:  $ 101; Regular Sponsor $ 30 per family. 

Pre-Registration is essential for catering purpose.


Registered devotees are requested to bring a puja plate, puja cup, flowers, fruits and Kumkum for performing lakshaarchana.   On this day, Mahaavishnu Naamam will be chanted one lakh times by groups of devotees performing Vishnu Sahasranaama Archana.  In addition, Mahaalaskhmi Sahasranaamam and Hanuman Chalisa will be chanted once by the group.  This is a family function where everyone in the family can participate.  Knowledge of Vishnu Sahasranaamam and Lakshmi Sahasranaamam are not mandatory.  Naivedya prasadam will be served to devotees at the conclusion of the event.

Worshipping Lord Mahaavishnu, Mahaalakshmi and Hanuman during the Bhadrapada month brings in peace and prosperity for the household and for the entire community 

Sponsors are requested to remit the money to Vedic and Cultural Centre of Australia (Bank: CBA, BSB: 062000            Acct: 1467 2533) account and sankalpam details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please mention your name in Bank Transaction Description. 

For further information, please send an email request to


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