Blue Flower


 The Mahaa Vishnu Sahasranaama is performed to ensure the welfare of the family of attendees and bring peace and prosperity for everyone in the community.  Each Naama that is chanted by the people has the power to vibrate across the cosmos and galaxies to eventually remove all negativities. In this event, over 100,000 Naamas of Mahaa Vishnu were chanted across 2 batches. This was then followed by a Sri Lakshmi Sahasranaamavali that had over 60 women participating. The Lakshmi Sahasranaama is performed by women as this is in tribute and devotion to the Goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to bring about wealth, prosperity, fortune, beauty and also protection of people from misery.

 The Priest Shri Venkatraman from the Minto Shiv Mandir chanted the Namaavalis that were repeated by the participants who also offered flowers whilst chanting. The flowers offered by the devotees were collected at the end and offered to the main deity on the stage. The pooja started at 9.30 am and went on until 1.00 pm. Then the prasadam was distributed. Numerous volunteers helped to make the event a grand success. Shri Ramarathinam, Shri Subramanian and Shri Varadarajan assisted Shri Venkatraman on the stage to perform the pooja. Members of VCCA committee and families of their friends prepared prasadam and delicious lunch for the over 200+ attendees.  Smt Kala, Smt Saraswathi, Shri Divakar and Smt Prafulla were at the reception to welcome the participants and to guide them into the hall. Shri Rajesh, Shri Srikanth, Shri Jaishankar and Shri Viswanathan helped out with the seating arrangements and offering other assistance needed by the participants.  Dr.Himanshu Kaushik thanked the attendees and volunteers for providing a great support for successful proceeding of the event.

See the photos of the event in the link here